At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado we offer a wide catalog of tension wire used in vineyard installations and vineyard structures. Aware of the importance of the trellis and conduction system for the vineyard, we offer you a wide catalog of vineyard wires such as galvanized triple wire or zinc-aluminum wire, both widely used in vineyard installation.

Manufacturers of galvanized wire for vineyards

There are several characteristics that these wires fulfill:

  • Mechanization compatibility
  • High durability
  • Greater resistance

The loss of tension in the trellis or vineyard system is another of the characteristics of our products. Its different types of coating provide high protection against the corrosion of fertilizers, insecticides or possible inclement weather. Specifically, the reinforced triple galvanized wire has a duration three times longer than that of conventional wire or standard galvanized wire.

Modernizing viticulture taking care of tradition in order to improve the performance of the vineyards, must be the purpose in choosing our wires for vineyards or trellises. At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado we work so that you have the type and size of wire you need. Quality, durability and resistance in our wires.

Wire for vineyards and vineyards

The wire for vineyards and vineyards is considered a primary factor to guide the vine and achieve greater production.
For the vine grower, the objective is to obtain a good harvest at the lowest cost.

To improve the development of the vines without affecting the quality of the harvest and reducing labor, wire is used.
The most widespread method is known as “espalier” with which it is possible to extend the branches of the vine in a single direction.

The placement of the wire in the vine consists of the formation of a structure formed by wires on which the crop is guided in its growth.

At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado we have at your disposal a wide catalog of wires, galvanized strands, vineyard stakes and wire tensioneres , ideal to be used in vineyards , vine structures and trellis systems.

Types of wires that are used in vineyards and vineyards

We offer you the best service through our experience and we recommend our reinforced galvanized wire (triple galvanized), aluminum zinc wire and steel strand made of high carbon steel and low carbon steel for the structure in vineyards and vineyards.

The triple galvanized wire for vineyards is a product that guarantees many advantages due to its mechanical properties.

Its versatility, reliability and resistance are the most remarkable qualities of this type of wire.

External agents such as the weight or tension of the plantations on the wire are adapted to the characteristics of the triple galvanized wire.

Atmospheric or wet corrosion, where humidity and oxygen tend to weaken the steel exposed to the elements, as well as insecticides and fertilizers, weaken the wire and if it is of poor quality its durability is not guaranteed.

However, the chemical properties of triple galvanized wire, such as its resistance to oxidation, guarantee its durability for years.

Another option is the zinc-aluminum wire for vineyards due to its high resistance and hardness.

This wire offers great resistance to creep, since the tie wires must guarantee sufficient durability to support the constant load weight.

Furthermore, this coil of wire has excellent light reflectivity and corrosion resistance in natural environments.

You can also opt for plasticized wire, ecogreen wire or stainless wire.

Through tests and meticulous checks by our experts, we guarantee the highest quality of each of the products used in grape growing and aerial crops.

Manufacturers of galvanized wire for vineyards

Our company has long experience in vineyard wire. We have established viticultural facilities all over the world, especially in Spain, America and Australia.

We have manufactured structures of all types of wires for Spanish vineyards, Argentine vineyards, Chilean vineyards, vineyards in Peru, vineyards in California and Australian vineyards.

Our wire rolls guarantee that your vineyard or vine is kept in perfect condition, guaranteeing a long useful life. Without the need for maintenance in your agricultural structures, ensure the necessary resistance against corrosion.

The Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado wire ensures your savings and protects your economy due to its high durability.
Avoid continuous repairs and replacements, bet on quality in the wire. This way, you won’t have to invest unnecessarily.

By means of the Galvanized and Zinc aluminum coatings for vineyards or vineyards you can take care of your planting without worrying about anything else.

Lay our steel wires and steel strand and keep the agricultural structure of your vine or vine firm during its useful life.

Our purpose fuses tradition and evolution, modernizing viticulture in intensive cultivation facilities, thus improving the performance of vineyards through the choice of our wires for vineyards or trellises.

At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado, as a vineyard wire factory in Spain, we always work for you.

For this reason, our methods of manufacturing wire, braids and steel cords with Zinc aluminum and Magnesium coatings offer indisputably the best solutions for any type of agricultural use.

Choose from the vast variety of Steel Wires according to their type, size and unmatched quality, adapted to your needs.

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