Cattle raising
The use of wire in the livestock sector is very functional, since it facilitates the fencing of land or farms, this being its main function. In addition, its use extends as the use of electric fencing in order to provide the facilities with greater protection and security.
The livestock sector in Spain

Spain has become in the last 25 years one of the main livestock powers in the European Union.

In the livestock sector, Spain stands out both for the quality of its meat and for the diversity of its productions.

In recent years, the Spanish annual campaign is around 90 million head of cattle – pigs, cattle, sheep, goats and laying hens.

To this must be added 1.4 million tons of poultry meat. This reality has, in turn, allowed the development of a powerful national feed manufacturing industry.

Its daily production of large quantities of raw materials (mainly cereals and oilseeds), supplied to the international market, is one of the leading livestock powers, in relation to the countries that make up the European Union.

Wire use in this sector

The applications of the wire in the livestock sector, includes electric fencing and fencing, as well as its use for the manufacture of cages, cages and accessories of all kinds for livestock use.

Electric fencing and fencing

To protect and delimit the areas, livestock farms opt for one of the most profitable options.

The cattle wire, in addition to fulfilling the function of fencing your property is quite affordable.

Livestock wire is manufactured by producing wire mesh, fencing, sheepskin, concertina wire, barbed wire, or barbed wire.

Each of them has its function, providing different characteristics according to its use.


Within the poultry farm the presence of the wire is high. To provide order to the birds, the use of wire is very widespread, its use being essential for its functionality. Cages, dividers, feeders and support structures provide the order required for the birds to do their job.


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• Galvanized spikes.

• Clamps and staples.

• Hooked crampillons.

• Gripple, Urpo and Maxtensor pliers and wire tensioners.

• Cable ties.

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Wire applications in this sector

Wire plays a very important role to make profitable, maximize and protect production on livestock farms.

One of the most widely used types of galvanized wire in this environment is galvanized oval steel wire or zinc aluminum wire, as it offers superior corrosion resistance.

At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado we offer different types of coils, of different sizes and diameters (galvanized wire in coil from 500 to 1 000 kg.).

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