Agricultural balers
Banding and packing wire is commonly used in agriculture and has many applications. Repairing fences, manually tying bales of hay, straw or cut grass, the wire for baling and wrapping is extended in other sectors such as industry. Its use is very common in the union of corrugated cardboard, paper, textiles and it is even widely used in the recycling industry. At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado, we are pioneers as annealed wire factories in Spain, becoming the preference of many clients for the quality and good price we offer. Our wire products for agricultural use, especially in annealed wires for bales, straw bales, forage bales and also, for the paper and cardboard industry, guarantee our professionalism, since the wrapping and wrapping wire that we offer to our clients have gone through rigorous testing methods, thus guaranteeing their durability, quality and resistance. We elaborate and commercialize the best wires for agricultural use according to their type: • Barbed wire • Hard wires. • Sweet wires. • Wires for fruit box. • Plasticized wire. • Simple twist mesh. • Wire for balers and wrappers. • Barbed wire. In addition, we have a wide variety of products of all types of thicknesses, coatings and weights.

Manufacturers of wire for agricultural balers

We are one of the wire drawing companies in Spain of wire manufacturers with recognized prestige endorsed by our clients.

The products most requested by our clients are:

• Black wire for recycling and recovery.
• Annealed wire for continuous press.
• Baler coils.
• Annealed ringed wire.

In the packaging wire you can buy it according to the diameter and finish, as well as the oiled wound wire that improves the work of the bale of straw baler machine.

The mechanical properties of our wire coils are specialized for being malleable in use and facilitate unwinding in the case of packing wire.

They are resistant to oxidation, thanks to their lubrication that allows to tie forage bales of all kinds. In addition, the stress is regular due to the special annealing process with the absence of scale.

Also, we have galvanized wire for packaging in automatic recycling lines.

For this reason, Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado, guarantees the best result of any type of products in drawn wires, annealed wires, galvanized braids, rods, and all derivatives of steel.

According to your needs, we guarantee a simple application and a long durability at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our professional team will be happy to answer your suggestions and offer you our recommendations.

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