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The annealed wire or soft wire is derived from the wire rod which is drawn until the required diameter is reached. Later it goes through an annealing heat treatment, acquiring optimum properties to make it malleable. This heating guarantees a homogeneous product with high ductility that facilitates its later use in the tie of rebar, tie of residues, reinforcement of concrete pillars, straw wrapping and structural steel tie. As a manufacturer of annealed black wire in Spain, we are committed to this type of heat treatment, guaranteeing the use of patented wire in the industry, as well as annealed ringed wire and tie wire for automatic presses. Annealed steel is used in the recycling industry.

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Acero de bajo carbono
Acero de bajo carbono
Acero de bajo carbono
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By drawing the wire rod to the required gauge, we obtain the annealed wire. Due to the importance of this type of wire in various fields, such as industrial and agricultural, at Andaluza de Trefilería y Galvanizado we offer this product in its different variants, either annealed in rolls of 25 to 50 kg or as coils of 600 to 800 kg.

We manufacture annealed steel wire, finished in black or white. Its usefulness is wide, covering construction, as well as the industrial sector in its multiple tasks.

The most specific uses are: moorings in castle assemblies, slab assemblies and for numerous tasks in industrial processes. It is also used for metal parts, shoe nails, packaging of all kinds, wire drawing, nail welding and bag ligating, grass baling wire, forage wrapping and straw binding.

It has characteristics such as: high or low carbon, finished with or without scale and thermal processing.

The advantages of this material are undoubted, such as the quality of annealing. In addition, dirt is minimal when working with this component. It also has the same smoothness throughout the entire wire.

At Andaluza de Trefilería y Galvanizado we are manufacturers of black annealed wire in Spain, working both in the national and international markets.

Whether rolled, ringed or coiled, we can prepare the amount of annealed wire you need. However, we have annealed wire roll, from 25 to 250 kg. In addition, we also have this product in coils of 600 to 800 kg.

With regard to the thickness of the wire, the diameter of the rolls ranges from 0.5 mm to 8 mm.

Annealed black wire of the highest quality and with different applications both for vertical dams and for continuous press in the iron tie and waste tie. Always taking care of your needs, we have a highly qualified professional team with years of experience. Our professional will offer you the best service and advice.

If you need this product, count on us. We have it in orbit, spider and roll, Quality coupled with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.

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