The wire for greenhouses is a wire with unbeatable characteristics. The purpose of these wires is to ensure that the farms are protected from the outside. In this way, a microclimate is created inside to guarantee abundant production. The wire for greenhouses that we manufacture in Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado, is a wire with a reinforced galvanized coating, being one of the most demanded products in our catalog. Due to inclement weather, the wire for greenhouses must be a product of the best quality, reinforced to guarantee a longer duration and also offer resistance against corrosion for the greenhouse structure. We have at your disposal different types of wires, galvanized braids, galvanized cords, galvanized and plasticized staples. You can find them with various zinc and zinc and aluminum coatings. This type of wire is intended for the construction of shade net greenhouses, raspa and amagado greenhouse, Almería-type greenhouse or vine-type greenhouse. At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado we guarantee the highest quality in our wire for greenhouses at an unbeatable price.

Wires for greenhouse construction

At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado we have different types of wire and wire braid formats.

You can choose between variability in size and diameter according to your needs.

In our wire drawing, it will be very easy for you to find the one that suits you precisely.

In addition, we have different products so that you can use them for different purposes: anchors, splices, tensioners, rod, shade mesh, etc.

The most commonly used greenhouse wires from our wire factory are as follows:

• Duplex stainless steel wire: it is a duplex stainless steel wire or braid, consisting of an austenitic-ferritic microstructure. Thanks to these characteristics, it is considered a strong and resistant wire. For this reason, it is ideal to withstand corrosion generated by stress, tension and the weight to which it is exposed.

• Galvanized cord: it is a high carbon steel wire coated with zinc. Due to its high resistance to corrosion, it offers great durability and a minimum of maintenance in greenhouse installations.

• Galvanized braid: this braided steel cable is manufactured by joining 2 or 3 hard wires of equal diameter. Helical in shape, it is excellent for laying more cords. Provides greater ductility than other standard steels and does not break.

Galvanized steel wire (for protection of fruit trees and anti-hail). The steel cable offers high resistance to any natural agent such as water or snow. Prevents rust and corrosion due to its protective zinc coating. It is perfect for a shade mesh greenhouse.

Zinc aluminum wire for greenhouse. It guarantees superior protection to commercial galvanizing against corrosion in saline environments.

Galvanized steel rod. It is mainly used to make arches in the construction of plastic tunnels for strawberry and melon cultivation.

Greenhouse accessories. Greenhouse accessories such as preforms, retainers, cable ties for cable strands and steel braid complete the structure of your greenhouse.

As a wire factory, we are always in constant evolution and adaptation to new technologies and innovation.

We offer the best quality steel wires and provide direct and personalized customer service as the fundamental axis.

For this reason, at Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado we work so that you have the best wire in the construction of greenhouses.

Types of wires for the construction of a greenhouse

Have you ever wondered what is the use of galvanized wire in a greenhouse?

Its mechanical properties offer good versatility allowing easy mounting of wire frames.

Also, it has resistance to tension, so it will not break and has excellent manageability to adapt to any shape.

We have different types of coils in different diameters and sizes, from 500 to 1,000 kg, depending on your needs. Be guided by the experts of Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado, to find out which one is adapted to your farm.

According to your needs, we will offer you the best advice so that you can save on your investment. The most commonly used wires for the construction of a greenhouse are:

• Duplex stainless wire.

• Galvanized cord.

• Galvanized braid of 2 – 3 wires.

• Galvanized steel wire (for protection of fruit trees and anti-hail).

We advise you through customer service, direct and personalized treatment on new technologies and innovation adapted to the uniqueness of the wire.

At Andaluza de Trefileria y Galvanizado we work so that you have the best wire in the construction of your greenhouse. A wire of quality, resistance and excellent durability.

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