Wire accessories and derivatives

Andaluza de Trefilería y Galvanizado, has a multitude of accessories for its wires, steel strand, galvanized cords and wire derivatives in its process, for use in vineyards, structure for vineyards, agricultural structures, greenhouses shade mesh, anti-hail system, vineyards in trellis, protection of fruit trees electric fence systems with barbed wire and galvanized staple to fix wires in wood.

High carbon steel
Low carbon steel

Preformed wire

The main function of the retentions is to fix the cables, conductors, cords to posts, structures, insulators, on the other hand, the splices have the main function of joining two equal braids or cords, guaranteeing their mechanical characteristics of tensile load.

Barbed wire, chain link

The barbed wire is a complement to reinforce security.
The powerful barbed wire is made of high strength triple galvanized wire. Its alternating sense of torsion acts as a spring. 4-prong picks

Bison barbed wire is a low carbon galvanized wire. Constant twisting direction in the braid of the wires.

4-prong picks

Staples, fence staples, barbed staples, galvanized U-type staple, J-type staples, barbed staple
They are U-shaped metal staples made of galvanized steel with or without harpoons to improve their fixation to the posts of vineyards or livestock fencing. We also have the U and J type clamp, as well as various sizes and gauges of clamp and clamps, free Znal coated wire clamp.

Omega staple

Galvanized and plasticized. Used in fixing fences, fences, cages, greenhouses, and fixing wires.

Tensioner for wire and cables

Systems for joining and tensioning wires, cables. Solutions for vineyard trellises, trellises for fruit trees, anchors and fences, wire tensioning in vine.

Cable ties

They are used to make the loops of cables and steel cords or for connections between cables where they cannot be crimped with terminals.

Galvanized Thimbles

They are used to prevent deformation of the cable that could lead to its breakage.
Tomato Hangers, Tomato Hook, Hook Wire, Galvanized Wire Hanger, Galvanized Steel Tutoring Hook, Tomato Hook, Tomato Wire Hooks.

The tomato hooks are used to guide the tomato crop to the optimum working height. Hangers for hanging tomatoes or hooks for greenhouses.

Greenhouse wires, roofing wires or covers for fruit trees, greenhouse wire, greenhouse braid, braided wire for agricultural structures, fruit covers, special greenhouse wire, climatic protection in fruit trees, cherry tree roofs.

In the construction of parral model greenhouses or shade mesh greenhouses there are several types of wires, braids of 2 and 3 wires and steel cords to hold the structure of the greenhouse and the plastic sheet, whose cover is flat. The fruit covers are structures designed to protect the crop and reduce the damage caused by exposure to insects and external agents such as sun, wind, rain and hail in the same way that cherry tree roofs are just as resistant
Vineyard wire, vineyard wire, trellis wire, vine wire, trellis wire, steel vineyard wire

The wire for vineyards and trellises is used to fix the trellis vine plant, it is adjusted to the specific needs that the viticulturist requires in each region and country. Mainly being the triple galvanized wire for vineyards, Zinc-Aluminum wire for vineyards, 17/15 oval wire, stainless wires, eco-green wire. In different presentation formats from 25 Kg Trancannée rolls to 50 Kg in traditional roll. Vine wire has superior corrosion resistance and requires much less maintenance work over the life of the trellis.


Guardian for plants, Guardian in steel for crops, Guardians of steel rods.

Wire stakes are essential for the proper growth and formation of intensive and super-intensive crops, the main ones are wire stakes are for planting olive, almond, pistachio, fruit trees, vineyard and plant stakes. The tutors are also used in the agricultural sector in general.

Quick-knot wire rod, baller, Quick-link
gray and galvanized steel wire rod, Quick Link system, Quick-link wire, cotton quick hook wire.

Steel rod for packing with quick release. for making bales of paper / cardboard, plastic, textile fibers, cotton bales, polyester, tire recovery and others. The rods can be in galvanized steel wire or phosphated patented wire

Most frequent applications of this wire