The wires and strands for construction are indispensable and are given different uses, adapting perfectly to this sector. In a highly regulated environment with different regulations in force, sweet wire is a very functional product, since, thanks to its malleability, it adapts to an infinite number of shapes and wire ties. Its use extends to favor the fixing of corrugated rods through steel braids for subsequent concreting, prestressing and post-tensioning in the wires. In the construction sector, wire is subjected to inclement weather. Therefore, it is important to take it into account for its selection, as well as the activity that the wire is going to develop. Choosing the appropriate industrial wire or annealed black wire depending on its function will guarantee its correct purpose. Choose the appropriate steel cord in Andaluza de Trefilería y Galvanizado for wire structures, wire ties, pillars, cable strands, electrowelded panels, metallic wire fibers, rod, etc. Our steel products are subjected to rigorous manufacturing and testing processes to improve their quality and thus offer the best products to our customers. Choose from the largest selection of high carbon steel, low carbon steel wire, annealed wire, galvanized wire, stainless wire, zinc plated wire, annealed black wire, prestressed wire, steel fibers and much more. Opt for Andaluza de Trefilería y Galvanizado and we will offer you all our variety of iron and steel cables and wires, according to your needs and requirements. Ask us and we will advise you to find what you are looking for.
Wire applications in this sector:

Construction materials

The chemical and mechanical composition of steel for the construction sector is ideal to adjust to the process and evolution of the work, offering all kinds of advantages for its execution and completion.

In the construction sector, it is very common to use wire for purposes such as temporary mold formwork, mesh to cast sand, cable ties to temporarily join or splice cables, etc.

To fulfill their purpose, the wires used must possess a tensile mechanical property and must be made of hard wire.

However, the wires or steels that are permanently part of a work, such as the rod in reinforcement reinforcement, structural steels, steel sheets, prestressed wire braid in concrete, carbon steel is used because it is the most resistant to impacts .

For the reinforcement and firmness of post-tensioned joists, columns and panels, it is very common to use prestressed concrete wires, prestressing wire or braided wire.

For offshore construction, stainless steel wire is excellent for its strength and durability.

For the construction of bridges and railway tracks, the most commonly used steel cords in prestressing concrete reinforcements are drawn wire braids.

Lastly, zinc-aluminum wire is ideal for the arming of electrical cables due to its good thermal reflectivity and excellent electrical conductivity.

Regardless of the use, each of the mentioned materials and the great immensity of other products available for the construction sector, are essential.

Perimeter fencing

The perimeter fencing is essential to make the space where construction takes place road safety and thus delimit the risk zone.

To make this function effective, the use of mobile panels, fences, rolls of barbed wire, rolls of barbed wire, strands, barrier strand, cable barrier, concertina wire, galvanized wire rods and simple twist mesh, They are functional options in relation to the perimeter fencing, according to the needs and function of these.

To achieve the appropriate utility, it is important to know how to use each product according to its characteristics.

For example, low carbon steel is perfect for its properties, since it is highly machinable, weldable and ductile, being suitable for the manufacture of wires, meshes and fences of any type.

However, high carbon steel or mild steel is often used to build a complete physical steel structure, such as structural profiles or concrete.

The properties of high carbon steel or mild steel offer a high resistance to compression, being the best option to support large amounts of weight.

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