Plastified Galvanized Wire - Wire with PVC

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The plasticized wire presents a greater protection against corrosion, because the steel wire is subjected to a hot galvanizing process and then a plastic coating (PVC) is added, giving it greater durability. This type of sintered plasticized wire has a very wide application scope and offers a competitive solution when we want to add protection.

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Plasticized wire owes its popularity to the fusion between the highest quality PVC and the core of standard type galvanized wire. This characteristic of adhesion of the wire to the PVC by means of a zinc coating is what allows its use in many applications without causing a deformation or breakage of the PVC coating.

The plasticized wire can be used even at extreme temperatures without damage, being another of its main characteristics its long useful life. In addition, it can be found in a wide range of wire diameters and different colors.

In the manufacture of plasticized wire, the wire goes through a galvanizing process and a top layer of PVC is added, giving it greater strength and durability. This provides double protection against the elements, sunlight and conditions in which corrosion occurs. It is a very suitable wire for construction, agriculture, DIY, public places and buildings … and widely used in the manufacture of clotheslines, multipurpose meshes, clothes hooks, sliding or folding doors, mobile fences, concealment and garden decoration.

We offer rolls with different sizes and characteristics: 50 kg galvanized wire roll of the highest quality, coil of wire from 500 to 1000 kg or the special DIY galvanized wire of 1 and 5 kg. We also have rolls of galvanized wire trancanée from 25 to 50 kg.

Discover our sintered plasticized wire or our plasticized cord ideal for the construction of Almeria-type greenhouses, shade-mesh and fruit structures.

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