Gray Wire / Bright Wire

Manufacturers of gray wire, bright wire or raw wire

Wire rod processing in our wire factory results in gray wire. Bright wires and gray wire are obtained by cold drawing of soft iron, high carbon and low carbon wire rod. The different types of drawn wires come in diameters ranging from 0.60 to 16.0 mm, as a result we have a perfectly round and smooth raw iron wire, which can be used in nickel plating, chrome plating and other types. zinc coating, zinc + aluminum, zinc + aluminum + magnesium.

High carbon steel
Low carbon steel
Acero de alto carbonoAcero de bajo carbono
Acero de alto carbonoAcero de bajo carbono
Acero de alto carbonoAcero de bajo carbono
Acero de alto carbonoAcero de bajo carbono
Acero de alto carbono

Anyone looking for gray wire of good quality and durable over time will find it in Andaluza de Trefilería y Galvanizado. We are a company with a long and proven track record in the market. One of our main quality signs is precisely the high quality of our products, which defines us as a company in the national and international market.

Either in rolls or in coil, being manufacturers we can offer you the amount of gray wire that you demand. However, we have gray wire in rolls of 50 to 250 kilos in weight and in coils of 500 to 1000 kilos in weight, both high and low carbon.

Coiled gray wire is the most recommended option for factories and industries. This format greatly facilitates its handling and transport.

Why buy it at Andaluza de Trefilería y Galvanizado?

First of all, because it is a first-rate type of wire, which will exceed expectations. We are talking about a material that meets the highest quality standards and guarantees excellent resistance and durability. In addition, the gray wire has a clean surface treatment of residues, which facilitates its use in a subsequent process.
Second, because despite making a great commitment to new technologies and innovation, we continue to believe in the power of personal contact with the client. If you have any type of doubt or query during the purchase decision process, you will have advice from our professional team.

And, thirdly, because trusting a company with more than 25 years in the sector is a safe investment. To purchase gray wire, we invite you to contact us. We will personally attend to those interested thanks to our great qualified professionals, with training and experience in the industrial field.

Most frequent applications of this wire